Tachiyomi Http Error Fix


Tachiyomi Http Error Fix


Extensions – Online reading from sources such as KissManga, MangaDex and more.

Tracking – AniList, MyAnimeList, and Kitsu support.

Configurable – Reader with several spectators, reading directions and other parameters.

Management – You can directly access many online catalogs via Tachiyomi app and all management such as downloading new chapters handles as they appear on a catalog.

This repository contains the extension catalogs available for Tachiyomi application.

How to Download Tachiyomi App?

I have provided a step guide on “How to download Tachiyomi App on your Android devices.” Follow the instructions, and the rest will take care of itself.

1. Go to the site to download tachiyomi .

2. In the latest version of the application section, for example, the “v0.6.3 Tachiyomi” section, check for a paragraph called “downloads.”

3. Now check a hyperlink called “Tachiyomi-v0.6.3.apk”.


Sources extension can be downloaded, installed and uninstalled via the main application Tachiyomi. They are installed and uninstalled as regular applications, .apk format.


If you prefer to directly download the APK files, or you want to find an older version, they are available in decision branch board.


The source claims here are designed as putting grabbing for any developer, so it is impossible to provide an estimate of the time for one of them. In addition, some sites are impossible to do, usually due to various technical reasons.


Contributions are welcome!

Check the transmission backlog of repurchase for source requests and bug reports.


Supported chapter formats are folders with pictures inside, ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR and EPUB. But expect better performance with folders and ZIP/CBZ.

This program has its own folder in base storage and/or an SD card. You can also put your chapters or manga in both storage places and Tachiyomi will merge them.

The app is only available from their web site using an APK file. Current version 0.8.4


Download Tachiyomi APK Latest version here for free, install and open the app on your phone. You can now choose one in his extensive catalog, which includes titles that are available by Mangafox, Mamngahere, and also Kismanga.

From the Tachiyomi dashboard, you can now adjust the settings where you can set the page size and full-screen or placed to tap the screen to go from one page to another. In the settings, you can change the color background of different colors depending on the color you like.

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